Add Long-Lasting Lift and Volume to the Face with an Advanced Thread Lift in Milwaukee, WI

Skin laxity on the face and neck is caused by many factors, including fat and bone loss, a gradual descent of fat pads throughout the face, and a reduction of collagen and elastin, which maintain strength and elasticity in the skin. The triangle of youth and beauty—which is characterized by high cheekbones, contoured cheeks, and a defined jawline—inverts with time. This results in flatter, less contoured cheeks, while the lower face/jawline become heavier and wider. Silhouette InstaLift® from our Milwaukee-based practice is an advanced, non-surgical option for subtly lifting this skin that has lost its elasticity, restoring youthful contours for a rejuvenated look.

Although results of this treatment are not to be considered as dramatic as that of a surgical facelift, we believe it bridges a gap. When patients want a lift and contouring for the mid and lower face lift, and other nonsurgical treatments have reached their maximum potential, Silhouette InstaLiftâ may be the next best less-invasive option.

Silhouette InstaLift® utilizes advanced Micro-Suspension Technology (MST), and the sutures are made with a polymer called glycolide / L-lactide (PLGA) that is tolerated well in the body. The resorbable sutures lift the deep layers of skin while the cones keep it in the desired position.

What is the Silhouette InstaLift® Experience in Milwaukee, WI?

During your consultation, our Aesthetic Nurse Specialists and Nurse Practitioners will talk to you about your aesthetic goals, your past and current skin care routine, your medical history, and the benefits of Silhouette InstaLift® to help you decide whether this is the most suitable choice for you. The treatments are handled with care so that patients are comfortable in addition to getting beautiful and natural-looking results.

How is Silhouette InstaLift® Administered?

Silhouette InstaLift® is a highly skilled procedure that may take anywhere from an hour or two, depending on how many threads are placed. Our Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialists and Nurse Practitioners will first explain where the sutures are going to be added and temporarily mark the appropriate areas of the face. A local anesthetic is provided to reduce discomfort, but no additional medication is required. Silhouette InstaLift® results are very natural-looking and can last for up to two years.

How Do I Know if I am a Candidate for Silhouette InstaLift®?

Our Aesthetic Nurse Specialists and Nurse Practitioners will complete a full facial assessment to determine whether Silhouette InstaLift® would be the most appropriate treatment for you. Ideal candidates for Silhouette InstaLift® are adults who are beginning to be bothered by signs of aging, such skin laxity, jowling, and volume loss in the middle and lower areas of the face.

Silhouette InstaLift® is an ideal choice for patients who want a less invasive alternative to surgery with minimal downtime. The procedure may not be suited for patients who have very thin facial skin (which would allow the sutures to be visible or felt beneath the skin), who have very thick skin, or who have infections, foreign body sensitivities, or allergies to plastic or biomaterial.

What Are the Most Common Side Effects of Silhouette InstaLift®?

There is about a three- to five-day recovery time needed for this procedure. After the treatment, patients may experience some minor, short-term side effects including facial discomfort, swelling, soreness, mild puckering of the skin, and bruising.

These side effects typically resolve on their own within about one week. Patients can be ready to resume their normal activities within seven days, although they may have to refrain from strenuous exercise or workouts for several more days. We will provide instructions for aftercare and advise patients on when they’ll need to attend follow-up appointments.