Contoured and firm buttocks from Sculptra services at Refresh Aesthetic Center in Whitefish Bay WI

Sculptra Booty

Collagen Stimulation Is the Difference in Milwaukee

As a unique injectable that is a “bioactivator,” Sculptra® at the ReFresh Aesthetic Center® does not just add volume to targeted areas. It also restores structure and stimulates collagen production and can be used in both the face and body.

Why Sculptra® for the Booty?

Factors such as weight loss, aging, pregnancy and even genetics can make the buttocks appear less perky and plump. Many women are looking for a rounder, more lifted butt and some are choosing surgical procedures, which carry more risks.

Sculptra® was originally developed for facial rejuvenation, however, it can be used “off-label” to targeted areas of the body.  When injected into the buttocks, it can result in a more contoured, fuller or lifted appearance. This treatment is also known as the Sculptra Booty Lift” –or “SBL”

The Sculptra booty lift can be an option for patients who are looking for a non-surgical, lower-risk treatment that can fill in “hip dips” and enhance the curvature, roundness and overall shape of buttocks

The SBL requires a minimum of 2-3 treatments, spaced at least 6 weeks apart and can last 2 years, or longer

At ReFresh Aesthetic Center®, we find Sculptra Aesthetic® an optimal treatment to rejuvenate and refresh the following targeted areas:

  • Hollowing in the temple, mid-cheek areas, lower face, and jawline
  • Re-volumization and overall textural improvement to the face with significant overall facial volume loss
  • Finishing touches to dermal fillers when collagen building is still needed
  • Chest/décolleté for loose skin and wrinkles
  • Knees and arms for skin crepiness
  • Softening of skin dimples or irregularities in the thighs and buttocks
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