Add Volume for a Younger Look in Milwaukee

Aging skin reveals the passage of time in many ways. Over time, wrinkles form, folds develop, and facial contours change as fat diminishes and shifts. A range of age-related conditions calls for a range of solutions, which is why ReFresh Aesthetic Center offers so many types of dermal fillers for the Milwaukee area.

All dermal fillers offered at ReFresh Aesthetic Center are FDA approved and are made of either hyaluronic acid—a substance that is naturally produced in the body to hydrate the skin—or biocompatible products that have the ability to stimulate collagen production. As we age, we produce less hyaluronic acid and our collagen depletes; this is what causes the skin to lose volume and form wrinkles and creases. With the expertise of our experienced and certified aesthetic practitioners, these dermal fillers can address fine lines and wrinkles and replenish your skin’s lost volume by providing support and stimulating your own natural collagen to grow.

What Is a Dermal Filler?

While dermal fillers come in a variety of formulas, they tend to share some significant characteristics. All fillers typically have a gel-like consistency to some degree and are introduced into the skin via tiny injections.

Results may be apparent immediately or unfold over time, but all dermal fillers are temporary solutions, as they are gradually processed by the body. Certain dermal fillers stimulate collagen production for even longer-lasting results, but no change from a dermal filler should be considered permanent.

Fillers available at ReFresh Aesthetic Center include members of the Juvederm® family of fillers: Ultra, Ultra Plus, Voluma®, Vollure, and Volbella®. We also offer the Galderma portfolio of products—Restylane-L®SilkRefyneDefyne, and Lyft—and the collagen-stimulating product, Sculptra® Aesthetic.

How Do Dermal Fillers Work to Smooth Lines and More?

There are two primary ways wrinkles form: through loss of hyaluronic acid and other molecules in the skin (static wrinkles) and due to repetitive muscle contractions over time (dynamic wrinkles).

Since muscle action is the reason for dynamic wrinkles, the solution for those lines is to relax the muscles causing them. This calls for a neuromodulator, such as BOTOX® or Dysport®.

Lines related to volume loss, however, can be filled in for an ultimately smoother look. Dermal fillers fill in the tiny sunken spaces that cause wrinkles and folds, as well as larger areas that can develop a hollow look and lead to sagging.

What Can Dermal Fillers Address?

Women and men seeking a more youthful look have plenty of strategies available to them, which is why a clinical member of the ReFresh Aesthetic Center team will meet with each person who comes in for a consultation and develop a unique plan.

Dermal fillers can be used to diminish smile lines that form between the nose and the mouth (nasolabial folds) and marionette lines that run from the mouth to the chin; contour and lift the brows; rejuvenate the hands by restoring lost volume and “masking” visible veins and bony prominences that become more apparent with age; restore fullness to thin and floppy ear lobes or lobes that have been injured or damaged; enhance and restore structure and/or volume to the cheeks, mid-face, temples, and jawline; diminish under-eye hollows and help to diminish dark circles; and create fuller lips, enhance or define lips, and diminish lines around the mouth.

Each treatment is customized to meet your desired treatment area or areas. Pricing is based upon the number of syringes and specific type of dermal filler or fillers required to achieve optimal results.

What Is the Dermal Filler Experience in Milwaukee, WI?

Certified Nurse/Nurse Practitioner Injectors at ReFresh Aesthetic Center use small needles or microcannulas to introduce carefully selected amounts of dermal filler into the facial skin, lips, or hands. The injections are generally thought to be uncomfortable, like a slight pinch, as opposed to painful, but topical anesthetics are available for anyone who would like to minimize sensation as much as possible in the treated area.

The injection process itself is typically completed quickly, taking about an hour.

How Long Do Dermal Fillers Last?

Since every filler is different and all individuals are as well, there is no set timeline for their results. That said, many of the dermal filler we use have the potential to last up to one year when full correction is achieved. Certain formulations, like Juvederm Voluma® for cheek contouring, are known to last up to two years.

Maintenance visits can be scheduled to preserve long-term results.

What Is Recovery After a Dermal Filler Injection Like?

There are no incisions or sutures necessary for an injection session, so most activities or daily schedules may be resumed after receiving fillers. Any restrictions will be reviewed at the consultation visit. As with any treatment involving needles, you may notice some swelling or bruising at the injection sites, as well as tenderness or related sensations, but these are known to resolve in a matter of days.

What Complements Dermal Fillers?

In addition to neuromodulators to complement the results of a dermal filler injection, ReFresh Aesthetic Center also offers chemical peels, microdermabrasionHydraFacial MD®, laser resurfacing, and more for facial rejuvenation.

Other available injectables include Kybella® for reducing a double chin and contouring the jawline, and sclerotherapy to reduce spider veins.

Discuss your specific needs with a clinical member of the ReFresh Aesthetic Center team.