Written by Dawn Sagrillo, MSN, AGNP-C, CANS, CPSN

Aesthetic injectables such as BOTOX®, Dysport®, and dermal filler treatments continue to be on the rise as more FDA-approved products become available and expanding treatment areas are discovered. Be an educated consumer by ensuring you are seeing the right provider in a safe setting. Our Clinical Director and Certified Nurse Practitioner/Aesthetic Nurse Specialist, Dawn Sagrillo, has a few safety tips to follow when trusting someone with your face.

Safety Tip #1: Get your injectables done by a licensed, certified, and experienced practitioner. Though the price may seem appealing, the side effects and risks outweigh the rewards. Make sure your practitioner uses only FDA-approved injectables.

Safety Tip #2: Know what you are being injected with! Ask questions. The practitioner should be able to show you the BOTOX®/Dysport® vial or the dermal filler syringe. The information on the vial or box should indicate it was distributed from the company headquarters, located within the United States (not Canada or Europe).

Safety Tip #3: Beware of bargain basement prices. If your practitioner is trying to unload product at low prices, it’s best to find out why! Have there been side effects linked with this particular injectable product? Has the lot number expired? Were they obtained illegally? Are they counterfeit or unapproved? If in question, ASK!

Safety Tip #4: Start with a thorough aesthetic consultation. Good practitioners will take the time to evaluate your face as a whole and walk you through what your best options are, based on your aesthetic goals and needs. Be leery of a practitioner just ready to “point and shoot”!

And finally…

Safety Tip #5: Know the risks associated with your procedure! Even if the injectable product is FDA-approved, the practitioner is licensed, experienced, and certified, and you are a candidate for the treatment—there are still risks involved. Make sure your practitioner carefully explains the pros and cons of any procedure so you can make an informed decision. It’s your face. You only have one canvas! It’s also your health, so take precautions to make sure you are safe.

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