Chemical peels are one of the most popular, yet misunderstood treatments you can get at an aesthetic center. When most people think about chemical peels, they think about what they see on the news or in the tabloids. They imagine people with red, flaky skin suffering all sorts of discomfort in order to have smoother, younger-looking skin.

While it is true that in some cases chemical peels can produce a bit of discomfort and take time to heal, it is also true that chemical peels have come a long way in the last decade. The peels that are currently used can help you to smooth the texture of your skin, minimize wrinkles, make your skin brighter, make it firmer and avoid some of the negative side effects that the chemical peels of old brought.

What to Expect from a Chemical Peel

In times past, the rule of thumb was that the stronger the chemical peel, the better. The only problem with this is that when a person uses an ablative chemical peel, they are left with a face that looks like it’s been sunburned. People need to spend days hiding, scratching their skin and shedding skin.

However, modern chemical peels are designed to gently coax the skin into the proper shape. A good peel is going to detoxify the skin, drawing out toxins while using other assets to exfoliate the face. Your skin is likely going to tingle, but this sensation is normal. The tingling sensation may be more prevalent if this is the first time you are getting a chemical peel.

You may also experience a temperature change in your skin. Some say that as the chemical peel is being applied, they feel the temperature of their skin rise. Others say they feel their skin getting cooler. Both of these sensations are completely normal.

You may feel your skin getting tighter during the peel process. This is in part because impurities are being drawn out from your skin. As long as the tightening sensation is not extreme, it is no cause for alarm. Our aestheticians will also recommend the best post-peel products to facilitate an optimal healing process.

Get More Information About Chemical Peels

Getting a chemical peel is an amazing way to revitalize and rejuvenate your skin. It can leave you looking years younger. Schedule an appointment at ReFresh Aesthetic Center in Whitefish Bay to learn more about how our various chemical peels can benefit you. Contact us today to request your consultation!

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