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BroadBand Light, or BBL, is a non-invasive therapy that can target a wide range of aesthetic concerns using state-of-the-art flash lamp technology. By applying bursts of intense pulsed light (IPL) at Milwaukee’s ReFresh Aesthetic Center, we utilize the benefits of BBL in multiple treatment options for anti-aging, and skin healing from the inside out.

Located in Whitefish Bay and serving the Milwaukee metro area in Wisconsin, ReFresh Aesthetic Center is led by a team of recognized leaders in quality, professional medical aesthetics.

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What Can IPL with BBL Treat?

Developed by Sciton®, a trusted name in aesthetic technology, this IPL therapy is backed by science and designed to target pigmented lesions, freckles, and age spots, as well as enable collagen remodeling for gradual skin improvements and more.

Your IPL treatment options with BBL can be discussed during your consultation at our Whitefish Bay office.

How Does IPL with BBL Work?

When pulses of controlled light are sent into the skin, they safely pass through the surface without causing damage. Once in the deeper layers, the IPL targets skin imperfections at the source to create healthy, beautiful skin from the inside out.

Darker-pigmented cells, such as those in follicles or lesions, absorb the light energy, which causes them to heat up. Eventually, the targeted cells grow so hot, they are damaged, leading to lasting cosmetic changes.

What Is Forever Young BBL?

The path to clear, smooth, radiant skin doesn’t have to end after your initial IPL treatments are over. Forever Young BBL is a great way to maintain the dynamic results you achieve and is designed to be different from our traditional BBL therapy.

Forever Young is a superficial IPL treatment that not only addresses pigment inconsistencies, but also gently stimulates collagen production for gradual skin remodeling over time. This means the look of the skin will continually improve as collagen levels increase in the skin, giving it a smoother look.

What Is BBL with Levulan?

At ReFresh Aesthetic Center, we understand that any given skin treatment—even IPL—is not a “one size fits all” solution. For men and women who suffer from acne or other chronic skin conditions that cause red bumps and rash-like symptoms, we may recommend light therapy with Levulan photosensitive medication for deeper skin healing below the surface. The Levulan is applied topically to the skin and left to absorb for a predetermined amount of time.

The medication is then activated by a specific wavelength of light, killing acne-causing bacteria while also shrinking the size of pores and reducing oil glands. This treatment option can be discussed with our aesthetic team during your consultation. This is a more intense BBL protocol and may not be suitable for everyone.

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Are There Other Skin-Rejuvenating Treatments Available?

Aside from laser and light treatments, ReFresh Aesthetic Center offers ThermiSmooth® to tighten skin that has loosened over time, chemical peels to exfoliate, microdermabrasion to kick-start collagen production, and more.

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