While the beauty world was once obsessed with rounder, younger-looking cheeks, now jawline contouring and chin enhancement fillers have surpassed cheek fillers in terms of popularity. Facial fillers don’t just smooth wrinkles in the skin by adding volume; they also can be used for sculpting the contours of the face to replace lost bone density, fat, or collagen. A strong, defined neckline and chin are attractive on both men and women. Aside from wanting to know what side effects they can expect and how long the product lasts, Juvederm® patients frequently ask “How much does jaw filler cost?” Although our Milwaukee, WI-based team recommends that patients schedule a consultation with us to get a full explanation on the price of these treatments, here is some basic information on how Juvederm® costs are determined. Although each individual has different aesthetic needs and goals to achieve desired outcomes, this post can provide you with a general idea of what to anticipate.

Cost Depends on Several Factors

At ReFresh Aesthetic Center, our dermal filler pricing is based on the desired treatment outcomes versus syringe pricing. We provide a cost estimate at the time of consultation, which is determined by how much and which filler product/s are recommended for the treatment area/s. Our Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialists and Nurse Practitioners believe patients don’t seek them out for a “syringe” of filler—rather, for their experience, safety and results.

Avoid Discount Deals and “Bargains”

If a price seems too good to be true, it probably is. When facial fillers seem like they’re a bargain, it could be because they contain low-quality ingredients, are sourced from the black market, or are provided by an unskilled or inexperienced injector. Remember that since it’s an elective procedure, the costs of filler won’t be covered by insurance. It’s important to keep in mind that you get what you pay for. In other words, working with qualified, experienced, licensed, and certified medical professionals will be safer and should be what you are “shopping” for when it’s comes to your face. Remember, you only have one canvas!

Ready to try out dermal fillers for the first time? For more guidance on jawline contouring or chin enhancement fillers, contact Refresh Aesthetic Center. Learn about hyaluronic acid facial fillers like Juvederm® by calling us at 414-964-1111 or send a message to request a complimentary consult to see what’s right for you.

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