Your First Step Toward Healthy & Radiant Skin

Just a few weeks ago, we opened the ReFresh Skin Essentials Store to fill a gap that exists in today’s market. The beauty business is massive – Americans spend billions each year on cosmetics and skin care products, some of which make wild and unsubstantiated claims and ‘guaranteed’ results – yet very few report being satisfied with the results they experience. Each year, we invest a substantial amount of time and money on products, yet there’s little to no ongoing consumer support beyond the initial sale of a product, a missed opportunity, in our opinion.

Our team of licensed aesthetic professionals at ReFresh field skincare questions throughout the year. The more we connected with each other, the more we realized a dire need for individualized consultation, as it relates to your skincare regimen.

At ReFresh Aesthetic Center, we’ve always worked with you to help achieve the long-lasting skincare results you desire. The ReFresh Skin Essentials Store, however, is a more focused, concerted effort to help you maintain clear, glowing skin between your treatments with us.

The ReFresh Skin Essentials Store is well positioned to help you achieve those results by offering prescription-grade skin care products that are substantiated by extensive clinical trials to be effective.

As your skin evolves – both with age and with our ever-changing climate – our medical aesthetic team will help you to determine the best regimen for your skin type. One of our seasoned Licensed Aetheticians, Karen Arcara, is our new Skin Essentialist, and she’s happy to assist with all of your aesthetic needs. We welcome you to schedule a consultation with her Tuesday–Thursday from 11:00am-3:00pm to determine the next steps toward healthy and radiant skin!

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