Reduce a Double Chin in Milwaukee

Kybella® is made specifically to address double-chin fat, but may also improve contour of the aging jawline and neck.

A double chin can be annoying, whether you see it in a photo of yourself online, catch a glimpse of it in a mirror or when taking a selfie, or just know it is always there. Instead of always trying to keep your head at just the right angle or committing to wearing scarves all year long, consider Kybella® at Milwaukee’s ReFresh Aesthetic Center. Kybella® has been extensively studied and is FDA approved specifically to target the fat cells that make up what is known as submental fullness, with “sub” meaning “below” and “mental” referring to the chin.

What Is Kybella®?

An injectable made by Allergan, Kybella® is a lab-made form of deoxycholic acid, found naturally in the human digestive system, where it targets fat for absorption. The injectable version works the same way: When it encounters fat cells, it breaks down their membranes, freeing the lipids inside to be processed. The FDA approval for Kybella® is specifically for double chins, making the fat-reduction treatment a specialized and focused option for anyone who wants their profile to be more angular and defined. Technically, the approval is to address “concavity” in the area, which is the rounded outward “bulge” caused by numerous larger fat cells on the neck. At ReFresh, we also use Kybella® to improve jowling and the aging jawline.

What Is the Kybella® Experience in Milwaukee, WI?

After a consultation, your certified aesthetic nurse injector at ReFresh Aesthetic Center will mark the specific sites on your neck or jawline where Kybella® will be injected for natural-looking results. The treatment involves a series of injections, though the process does not take long. As with any needle-related treatments, there will be a slight pinching or stinging sensation with the injections. We use a topical numbing cream to improve patient comfort; therefore, the experience is well-tolerated in about a 30-minute visit.

What Results Can I Expect from Kybella®?

As with any fat-reduction method, Kybella® yields gradual results. The cell-destruction process that begins when the injections are placed takes six to eight weeks to unfold. The most dramatic visible reduction in fat cells is typically apparent after two to four treatment sessions, spaced six to eight weeks apart. The ruptured and processed fat cells are no longer able to store lipids, so no further treatment should be needed once desired results have been achieved. Patients should maintain a healthy weight in order to best preserve their contours.

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What Is Recovery After a Kybella® Injection Like?

This is not a surgical treatment, so minimal recovery time is required. However, “social down-time” may be desired, as there is a process of swelling that occurs with the fat destruction, particularly in the first few days following treatment. There may be some injection-related bruising, tenderness, and temporary numbness to touch in the submental area after each session, but side effects are expected to be minimal and to resolve on their own in a short amount of time. Your practitioner will provide you with more detailed post-treatment expectations at your complimentary consultation. Women and men who choose Kybella® will be free to return to work and other activities as soon as they’d like. There are no incisions to heal or sutures to remove.

Are There Options Beyond Kybella® for Elsewhere on the Body?

Since Kybella® focuses primarily on double chins and jawline contouring, anyone looking to reduce stubborn bulges or pockets of fat on other areas of the body can consider CoolSculpting®, which chills fat cells to destroy them. These fat cells will be gone for good. Body contours can be further refined with ThermiSmooth®, which uses heat to tighten skin that has begun to loosen or sag.