Spring is around the corner, ReFreshers!

Explore our latest skincare, laser, body contouring and injectable offerings below and look your very best for spring!

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Discover Morpheus8 Skin Tightening

Discover Morpheus8, the latest technology in skin tightening and contouring!
InMode Morpheus8 is a minimally invasive skin rejuvenation procedure that combines microneedling with radiofrequency (RF) energy.
The FDA-cleared treatment is most commonly used on the face and neck, but can also be used on the abdomen, buttocks, chest,
arms and knees.

Morpheus8 treatments can achieve a wide range of benefits, including:
– reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
– tightening of sagging skin
– smoothing skin texture
– reducing the appearance of large pores
– treating hyperpigmentation and acne scarring
– fading stretch marks
– reducing fat just below the skin
For optimal results, a series of 3 treatments is recommended.

As a special introductory offer, book one Morpheus8 treatment at 10% off, a series of 3 treatments at 15% off or a series of 6 treatments at 20% off.

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MOXI® and BBL® treatment pairing for total skin renewal

BBL® (broadband light) treatments target brown & red pigmentation in the skin. Moxi® treatments rejuvenate the skin creating an overall more youthful looking complexion.

When combined, the two treatments will yield impressive results! If you really want to maximize your treatment outcomes this spring and have beautiful, glowing skin in time for summer, this is the perfect combination for you!

Purchase 3 MOXI® & 3 BBL® treatments and receive $500 off the already reduced package pricing as well as a FREE Avene® Tolerance Post Care Kit (value of $39)*.

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Contour your jawline with Juvéderm® Volux™

Discover Volux™, the newest filler from Juvéderm®!
Juvéderm® Volux™ is the first and only FDA-approved hyaluronic acid dermal filler to contour or restore the jawline, including the chin and jowl area. If you have been looking for a chiseled jawline or simply want to improve aging changes to the lower face, look no further! And the best part is that the results of Volux™ are extremely durable, lasting for well over a year.
Juvéderm® Volux™ pairs well with other fillers for optimized facial contouring.

This March, add Juvéderm® Volux™ to your filler treatment plan and save 15% off the entire treatment price.*

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March is CoolSculpting® Month at ReFresh!

Now is the time to get summer ready with CoolSculpting® Elite! From the makers of Botox®, CoolSculpting is the #1 non-invasive fat reduction procedure worldwide!

CoolSculpting® is FDA cleared to freeze away stubborn fat safely and effectively without surgery and with little to no downtime. Over 13 million CoolSculpting® treatments have been performed worldwide!
ReFresh Aesthetic Center has recently invested in upgrading to the CoolSculpting® Elite, the latest technology in CoolSculpting®! Elite applicators cover up to 18% more skin surface than CoolSculpting® Legacy so larger areas can be targeted and more fat is removed in a single treatment.

To celebrate our new Elite system, we are offering 25% off a full abdominal treatment when purchased before the end of March.
It takes about 12-16 weeks post initial treatment for the full results of CoolSculpting® to come into effect so this is the perfect time to start your CoolSculpting® journey and get ready for summer!

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*cannot be combined with other offers

Upneeq® Pop-Up Event March 15th

Upneeq® (oxymetazoline hydrochloride ophthalmic solution) is the only FDA-approved prescription eyedrop used to treat low-lying lids in adults. It provides an eye-opening lift with just one daily drop in each affected eye, leaving the eyes feeling soothed, moisturized and refreshed. Upneeq® lifts your lids, giving you a larger field of vision, which is great for driving or working on a computer. The effect lasts about 8 hours and you can chose to apply Upneeq® daily, just for special occasions or whenever you feel like giving your eyes extra lift and refreshment.

Come try Upneeq® for yourself on March 15th from 11am-2pm. No appointment necessary! Simply stop by and you will be able to receive a complimentary treatment with Upneeq® eye drops. 

ALL DAY you’ll be able to receive $25 off a pack of Upneeq® – purchase in person or over the phone.  
Disclaimer: Cannot be combined with other offers.

You can either purchase in person or over the phone by calling 414-964-1111.