Happy February! How’s that New Year’s resolution coming along? If you’re like most, it’s barely visible in the rearview mirror.

New Year’s resolutions primarily focus on bettering ourselves in one way or another – losing weight, exercising more, organizing our lives, etc. Many of us said, “2017 is the year I’m going to focus on improving my skin.” Without a professional, though, that’s an uphill battle, and an unrealistic one in a world saturated with gadgets and gizmos that promise the world and rarely deliver the results you expect. This world is fraught with so much information that at some point, we get frustrated and give up. WE GET IT.

If you truly want to look younger, mitigate those fine lines, even out your skin tone and kick acne for good, stop in to ReFresh Skin Essentials Store. We understand the complex issues that plague so many of us; that’s why we carry only clinically-directed skincare that has proven to be effective. Our experts will customize a program that meets your needs and is mindful of your lifestyle and budget.

Worried about staying focused with your new skincare regimen? Here are three tips to help keep you motivated when adjusting to a new routine:

  • Visualize the results. Healthy skin takes time. It’s unlikely you’ll see immediate results, so give your skin time to heal. Staying focused on your skincare goals will serve as motivation to keep you diligent.
  • Make a schedule. Sticking to a schedule will make the change a little bit easier. Perhaps sticking a post-it note on your vanity mirror with step-by-step instructions for your new skincare regimen will be the trick that keeps you focused. For some, it’s setting your alarm five minutes earlier so time isn’t an easy excuse to skip it. Find what works for you!
  • Track your progress. We see ourselves in the mirror every morning, so it’s likely the results you’re experiencing won’t be as apparent. Take a photo of yourself every week and file them away into a folder on your phone so you can see the difference.

Ready to start a skincare program that works for your unique skin type and condition? Stop in for a consultation with an aesthetician in our ReFresh Skin Essentials Store in Whitefish Bay. Mention this blog when you call to schedule your complimentary consultation and you will receive a FREE SkinMedica starter kit at your appointment (a $125 value!). After your initial visit, we recommend checking in with your aesthetician one month after you begin using a new product or series of products. Contact ReFresh Aesthetic Center today to schedule an appointment.

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