If you’re anything like us, you make a general effort to eat healthy and get regular exercise, but there’s one area that you just can’t seem to tone – your chin. Submental fullness – commonly referred to as chin fat or a double chin – makes you self-conscious. You’re even thankful when the first crisp fall day comes along so you can break open your drawer of scarves in an effort to conceal that flabby skin. Let us introduce you to the best thing since BOTOX® – Kybella®, a new medical treatment that blasts away chin fat so your facial angles are more defined, making you feel as light and toned as you’ll look.

Earlier this year, the FDA gave a breakthrough injectable called Kybella® the green light with its official approval. Until recently, the only remedy to reducing submental fullness was liposuction, a surgical procedure. Kybella® is the first and only of its kind approved by the FDA, providing a highly-individualized, non-surgical option that addresses the double chin in as little as 30 minutes per session, and requires little to no downtime following the injections.

An investigator on the FDA trial for Kybella®, Dr. Macrene Alexiades-Armenakas, notes, “Only in retrospect do people look at something and think, ‘Wow that was a breakthrough,’ like BOTOX® was… Whether or not this product ends up being the be-all-end-all, it opens the floodgates to a whole new generation of products,” (Tunell, 2015).

So What Is It?

Kybella®’s scientific name is ATX-101, or deoxycholic acid, which is “a naturally-occurring molecule in the body that aids in the breakdown and absorption of dietary fat,” (Kythera Biopharmaceuticals, 2015). A product of California-based Kythera Biopharmaceuticals, Kybella® ruptures fat cells at the site of the injection, causing them to melt away.

Is It Safe?

Kybella® is the first and only injection of its kind approved and regulated by the FDA to ensure patient safety. Over 20 clinical studies have been run on over 1,500 patients, and the certified aesthetic practitioners at ReFresh Aesthetic Center are trained and experienced in the administration of Kybella®.

What Can I Expect During and After The Procedure?

Some mild pain and burning can result during the treatment, but subsides almost immediately following the injections. Light bruising, swelling, redness, tenderness and firmness at the injection sites are common side effects of a Kybella® treatment; however, typically subside within a couple of weeks.

After treatment, there will be a gradual reduction of fat, and the results will take time to see.  The submental fullness should decrease in size, improving the appearance of the neck and your profile. The best candidates for Kybella® have mild to moderate submental fullness, along with a good skin tone. There may be a small improvement/retraction of loose skin.

Most patients will receive between two to four treatments spaced at least one month apart.  Subsequent treatments typically result in less pain and swelling. Once the aesthetic goal is achieved, re-treatment is not expected. Typically, the treatment area will continue to age with time, yet will not age quicker because of the injections.

Located in Whitefish Bay, ReFresh Aesthetic Center proudly offers Kybella® as a safe and effective way for patients to eliminate their double chin. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation to learn more!


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