When making 2018’s resolutions, losing weight, working out and eating healthy may be at the top of your list! This year, why not also make a resolution to be good to your skin and commit to making some positive changes? ReFresh skin experts are here to help you to meet all your skincare goals, even if it starts with scheduling a complimentary consult to discuss your goals and needs. After all, you wear your face every day, and making a few tweaks and positive changes can yield lasting, radiant results. Here are 10 great tips to make 2018 the best skincare year yet:

1. Commit to wearing sunscreen daily! Sunscreen is the number one ANTI-AGING product on the market. ReFresh carries many medical grade sunscreens to choose from. Come in and pick out the right one for you, and remember to keep a powder sunscreen in your handbag to make reapplying easy. Also, if you like an “all in one” product, we have many great tinted sunscreens that give you just a hint of color and an SPF of 50.

2. Exfoliate once or twice per week. As we age, cell turnover slows down, causing our skin cells to dry out and lose luster, unless you jump-start the renewal process by exfoliating regularly. We have many exfoliating services at ReFresh that, when used in combination with one of our exfoliating products, will keep your skin renewed and fresh.

3. Schedule regular facials or HydraFacials for perfectly hydrated and deep cleaned pores. We have wonderful masking and hydrating products that aid in maintaining your skin at home, but receiving a deep cleaning and hydrating facial is hard to duplicate. Getting regular facial treatments will help exfoliate dead skin cells, clear congestion, aid with redness and infuse hydration into thirsty cells. For the best results, schedule one every month or two.

4. Address your pigment! There are many ways to treat pigment issues on the skin. Laser, BBL, chemical peels, microneedling and medical grade products are the methods we use at ReFresh. Scheduling a complimentary consult with one of our expert providers is the best way to start your journey in correcting skin damage, age spots, redness, skin tone and texture.

5. Don’t neglect your neck! Your neck and décolleté are areas that should be added to your skincare regimen. These two areas show a significant amount of aging and skin damage, so don’t forget to treat beyond the chin. ReFresh has effective treatments for the neck and décolleté, which can reverse damage and improve tone and texture. Combining treatments with medical grade products will enhance your results.

6. Assess the products you are using. If you are not seeing results with your current skincare regimen, it may be time to reevaluate what you are using. At ReFresh, we carry only medical grade products. These products are science-based, which means every ingredient is used for a reason; to give results and improve the specific skin issue. Schedule an appointment with one of our skin experts to find the right skincare products specifically customized for your concerns.

7. Take your makeup off at night and use nighttime products. Not washing your face at bedtime is just not good for your skin! It leaves makeup and dirt on your skin, which can clog your pores, create a buildup of dead skin cells and also trap skin-damaging free radicals. Because sleep helps accelerate and optimize the skin’s repair cycle, providing your skin with much needed nourishing products at night can boost your results. Start this habit today.

8. Have mercy on your hands! Your hands take a beating, day in and day out. Because of this, they can show signs of age and damage at an early age. Take care of your hands daily by using sunscreen, exfoliating and hydrating products. ReFresh offers many services and products that can treat and repair the skin on your hands. Contact us and let one of our providers assist you.

9. CLEAN YOUR MAKEUP BRUSHES! Makeup and skin oils can build up in your makeup brushes, creating a breeding ground for bacteria. Clean your brushes daily, using our Jane Iredale’s botanical brush cleaner. For a deeper clean, weekly wash your brushes with Jane’s brush shampoo and conditioner. Keep your skin and brushes healthy and happy.

10. Stick with the program. Compliance is difficult with anything we start in life. After a while, the thrill wears off and becomes, well, boring. It is so tempting to try new things, hoping for the results that are enthusiastically advertised. We all know, however, that accomplishing any goal requires change and dedication. The same is true with your skin. There isn’t a magic product or procedure that will stop the clock from ticking, but there are products, services and procedures that, if maintained, can reverse damage, improve the quality of your skin and help you become your beautiful best. That is what ReFresh Aesthetic Center is all about. Schedule a consultation with us today and begin your journey to beautiful skin.

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