1. Childhood through teen years are the golden years of your skin and should be treated that way! This is when we have our best skin, and it should be protected at all costs from the sun. By the time a person reaches 18, their skin has been damaged severely if not protected, and sometimes this damage can show up on your face and body years later. What is the key to combating this? Sun Protection Factor (SPF).

2. When you’re in your 20’s: Some people in this age group don’t realize that 90% of their lifestyle and environment affects the aging of their skin: smoking, sun exposure, alcohol, not drinking enough water, stress, harsh beauty products and more.

Skin at this age still produces a fair amount of oil and has a healthy cell turnover of every 14-25 days. This is the age of prevention! Seek out a skincare professional (licensed and experienced aesthetician) to develop a customized skincare routine that protects, hydrates, exfoliates and regenerates the skin. This is also the time that many millennials start considering neuromodulators (BOTOX®/Dysport®) to prevent the start of fine lines and wrinkles from occurring.

3. When you are in your 30’s: Once you reach 30, collagen production slows by 1% each year. Signs of past sun damage may start to show (age spots or brown spots), and fine lines around the eyes and lips may be visible. This is the time to step up exfoliation and feed your skin with age-fighting ingredients.

Invest your money in medical-grade products rather than department store products that promise the world and deliver few results. Continue using a great cleanser, but add in an anti-aging moisturizer or hyaluronic acid, a more powerful retinol, antioxidants and wear sunscreen around the clock. Talk to your licensed aesthetician about adding peels, exfoliating treatments or HydraFacials® into your regimen. Continue the use of neuromodulators and talk to your Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist about filler enhancements such as Juvederm® and Restylane® products.

4. When you are in your 40’s: Hormonal changes can trigger dryness, sensitization, rosacea, age spots, uneven skin tone, adult acne and permanent or fixed wrinkles. You may also start to notice more facial hair and a larger pore size. Now, your skincare regimen needs to include both AM/PM products. Laser resurfacing and IPL treatments are also very beneficial to stimulate collagen and address redness and pigmentation issues. Talk to your licensed aesthetician about adding dermaplane treatments to exfoliate or laser hair removal to remove unwanted hair on your face.

5. When you are in your 50’s: During this time, you will experience more hormonal changes due to menopause, which triggers a 30% reduction in collagen and a dramatic increase in dryness, sensitivity and dehydration. Unfortunately, we see gravity take over and our skin begins to sag due to decreased hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin production along with bone loss. Now is the time to strengthen, energize and replenish! Medical-grade skincare products are a must, so it is best to speak to your aesthetician for a full skin analysis. Many changes can occur during menopause and your skin may have completely different issues. Some products you used in the past may not be as effective and you may find you need to change your routine.

6. When you are in your 60’s and beyond: People often ask if it’s too late to do anything about their skin because of their age. Absolutely not! With all the wonderful procedures and products we have available to us in the aesthetic industry, aesthetic specialists can provide improvement and care to individuals at any age. Skin sometimes becomes fragile and thin, causing bruising to occur more easily. When deciding on any procedure or product, really focus on items that will strengthen, tone, tighten and build collagen in your skin as well as provide volume and support where it has been lost. The use of BOTOX®/Dysport® and a full array of dermal fillers can do wonders to make your face look more refreshed and restored (and don’t forget about your neck, décolleté and hands!).

The licensed and experienced aesthetic providers at ReFresh Aesthetic Center can help you with all your skin concerns, whatever age you may be. Just remember, you are beautiful at any age and all of us at ReFresh strive to help you look and feel your beautiful best!

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