Let’s just admit it, who hasn’t looked at certain people, even celebrities, and noticed how pristine their faces look, yet their neck ages them? Have you looked in the mirror or taken a selfie lately to see if this applies to you? This is what we call “the floating head syndrome”! Our face is refreshed; however, our neck doesn’t match it. At ReFresh, we have various options that can improve and treat your neck and décolleté.

Our aesthetic practitioners can target these aging changes with the following products and procedures we offer:

Concern:                                                                Treatment:

Excess fat below the neck and jawline            Kybella® injectable treatment and CoolSculpting®

Horizontal necklace lines/neck banding         Neuromodulators-BOTOX® and Dysport®

Skin laxity & crepiness                                       ThermiSmooth® radiofrequency treatments,

                                                                                 Revision® Skincare Nectifirm® Advanced

Décolleté textural roughness, wrinkles            Sculptra® Aesthetic injectable skin treatment

Pigmentation changes/sun damage                 BroadBand light (BBL/IPL) treatment, SkinPen® Microneedling,

                                                                                 ReFresh Skin Brightening pads or SkinMedica® Lytera 2.0

The first step towards prevention or treating these common neck and décolleté aging changes is to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of ReFresh Aesthetic Center’s licensed and experienced aesthetic practitioners to learn what’s right for you!

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