Most people who have skin concerns, especially those on their faces, want to address them. The vast majority of us are interested in having glowing, youthful, clear and radiant skin. At ReFresh Aesthetic Center, we have a qualified team of aestheticians who can design a treatment plan that will address your skin care concerns.

By incorporating regular facial treatments into your clinical skin care routine, you can address many skin issues such as dryness/oiliness, acne, tone, texture and facial aging. Customized facial treatments will treat your specific concerns and leave you with skin that looks and feels its healthy and beautiful best.

There are some basic things that you can expect to receive during a facial treatment. First, your skin will be cleansed and assessed by the aesthetician. She will then discuss a treatment plan that fits your needs and your skin concerns. You will always have some form of exfoliation, extraction and hydration during your treatment, along with an application of protective sunscreen. During a peel treatment, however, the protocol is different. Other facial treatments may involve steam, masks and a relaxing massage. Any of our facial treatments will help you feel relaxed, renewed and refreshed, but will also help your skin’s overall health. The facial treatments we offer at ReFresh are signature facials, dermaplaning, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, microneedling and HydraFacial MD®. As mentioned, the facial treatment will be customized to meet your particular clinical skin care needs.

Please contact ReFresh Aesthetic Center today to set up a complimentary consultation with one of our highly skilled and experienced aestheticians to learn more about the facial treatments we offer, and to see how we can customize the best plan for you. Additionally, ReFresh is proud to offer a full menu of nonsurgical aesthetic skin treatments including injectables, laser/light treatments, laser hair removal, sclerotherapy, skin tightening and medical grade skin care treatments and products at our Whitefish Bay location. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our team of experts.

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