Acne is a chronic inflammatory condition that is often characterized by open and closed comedones, also known as, blackheads and whiteheads.  It can be a frustrating and confusing condition,  most commonly adolescents and young adults. However, more than 17 million people of all ages and backgrounds are affected in the US alone.

There are several approaches you can take in treating acne, mostly because it presents itself differently, and has many causes for each and every person.  Here at ReFresh Aesthetic Center, we believe the most important part of treating acne is to truly customize treatment plans to each individual. We also use a combination of treatments to obtain optimum results and longevity.  Our providers work closely with each individual to identify the severity of the acne, type of lesions, skin type and tolerance.  Then, we’d advise a plan that will work for the individual and keep her or him compliant to get the results they desire.  Acne isn’t easy; we know it can cause self-esteem issues and can be very difficult to deal with.  Our outstanding skin care experts at ReFresh empathize with these issues and take a supportive, comforting approach to all clients dealing with acne regardless of its severity.

One of the most important things to do when treating your acne is to avoid aggravating it further. You can also expect to work with your provider to optimize your treatment regimen at home!

4 easy ways to control acne at home:

  • Always wash the affected areas gently with mild cleansers no more than twice daily (excessive washing interferes with the treatment program)
  • Avoid mechanical exfoliation (harsh scrubs) because they can aggravate acne and make your problem areas worse.
  • Try not to pick at acne, and allow professionals to extract for you. You can create unwanted scarring if not addressed properly
  • Avoid oil-based cosmetics and hair products. They may not increase the amount of sebum (oil secretion) in your pores but can increase the amount of oil on the face.  Water-based products are encouraged, as these are found to be less comedogenic.

Using the correct products on acne prone skin is a huge part of keeping breakouts under control.  Your ReFresh provider will work with you to thoughtfully find the right skincare regimen best suited for your type of acne. We believe in treating the skin from the inside out for best results.  That is why we carry both internal supplements (Accumax & Skinade) as well as medical skincare products (SkinMedica, Revision, SkinCeuticals & Avene).  All of the product lines at ReFresh are medically directed, clinically proven and evidence-based products that actually work.  Treating a skin care condition such as acne requires professional products and qualified providers.  Additionally, ReFresh offers many services that, when used in combination with skincare products, will make a significant difference in the treatment of acne.  ReFresh uses chemical peels, microdermabrasion and HydraFacials to address the different types of acne, which has yielded excellent results for our clients.

The bottom line with acne is that it isn’t easy to deal with. Our skincare specialists will help you help yourself.  Don’t be discouraged!  Call ReFresh Aesthetic Center today for a complimentary acne consultation and let us help you love the skin you’re in!

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