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The human body heals wounds by boosting its immune system and building new tissue to repair openings in the skin. This amazing ability can be harnessed to improve the overall look of the skin with microneedling. Milwaukee’s ReFresh Aesthetic Center™ uses SkinPen® II for this treatment, which can reduce the appearance of scars, repair damage from ultraviolet radiation, stimulate collagen/elastin remodeling, reduce pore size, and improve the overall tone and texture of the skin. Dermal collagen remodeling will continue to improve for up to six months after your final microneedling treatments.

SkinPen® II speeds up natural repair processes by making tiny channels in the skin. Not only do these prompt healing, but they also allow for topicals to more easily work their way deep into skin, below the outermost later, for further rejuvenation. For example, SkinPen® II is often combined with platelet rich plasma (PRP).

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Who Is a Candidate for Microneedling?

Virtually anyone who would like to address skin tone, texture, firmness, acne scars, stretch marks, and similar cosmetic conditions may be a good candidate for microneedling with SkinPen® II. The skincare treatment is suitable for every skin type.

What Areas Can Microneedling Treat?

This treatment is appropriate for addressing cosmetic issues on the face and neck, décolletage, arms and hands, legs, belly, and back.


How Is Microneedling Administered?

First, patients receive a layer of serum, which is spread thinly over the skin to be treated. Once a specific skin type is identified and a corresponding treatment is selected, the SkinPen® II device will be gently guided over the area.

How is Microneedling Combined with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)?

PRP, put simply, is platelet rich plasma. PRP therapy uses applications or injections of a patient’s own platelets to accelerate the body’s natural production of collagen and elastin. The plasma component contains stem cells and growth-rich platelets that, when injected or microneedled back into the skin, provide overall rejuvenation.

Benefits of a Microneedling with PRP Treatment Can Include:

    • Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
    • Enhancement of skin texture and tone
    • Tightening of skin and improvement in skin laxity
    • Improvement of “crepey” skin
    • Generation of new collagen fibers

Lasting anti-aging results can also be achieved by combining PRP injections with other facial aesthetic services. As in any PRP treatment, the patient’s own blood is centrifuged to isolate the plasma and platelets. The plasma is then injected into the areas of the face requiring repair/rejuvenation, where it stimulates collagen production and healing of the skin. The growth factors found in blood plasma help repair and rejuvenate the skin. Typically, three PRP face-lifting treatments are needed to achieve the desired results, with one maintenance treatment each year to ensure skin keeps its youthful appearance.

PRP is also used in other areas of medicine to accelerate healing and tissue repair in various areas of the body. It has also been found to restore hair growth. Since some types of hair loss result from damage to hair follicles, researchers discovered that PRP could help regrow hair by reversing the process that occurs in androgenetic alopecia. PRP helps to prolong the growth phase of the hair cycle, resulting in thicker and denser hair.

ReFresh offers a full range of PRP services, which not only helps to create new elastin and collagen, but can also improve the look of wrinkles, acne scars, lines, stretch marks, and other types of scars. Additionally, microneedling with PRP can deliver improved skin texture and tone.

What Does a Microneedling Treatment Feel Like?

Many patients say that a microneedling treatment is well tolerated with topical anesthetic cream applied prior to the service. The device itself is designed to have multiple settings for a customized experience, which is made even more personal by a trained and experienced provider. Anyone with questions about how the session will feel is encouraged to express them during the initial consultation.

How Long Does a Microneedling Session Take?

A SkinPen® II treatment typically takes about 30 to 45 minutes. Specifics depend on the area to be treated.

What Is the Post-Treatment Downtime?

Every treatment is different, as is each patient, so recovery and healing can vary from person to person. While some find that they are fully healed in just 24 hours, others will take two to four days for the “pinkness” common to treated skin to resolve. Products are available to promote natural healing processes in the skin.

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When Will Microneedling Results Be Visible?

Skin may have a healthy glow right away after a treatment, but since collagen and elastin take time to grow in the skin, the best results will take four to six weeks to reveal themselves. Patients can expect their cosmetic results to improve for up to six months after their last session.

How Many Microneedling Treatments Are Necessary to Get Results?

The course of treatment will be determined by your skincare professional based on your individual treatment goals and the health of your skin. Most patients receive a series of three to five treatments spaced about four weeks apart. For patients with more severe skin issues, additional sessions may be recommended.