Address Unwanted Fat Without Surgery at ReFresh Aesthetic Center in Milwaukee

The ReFresh Aesthetic Center team wants every woman and man who comes in for a cosmetic transformation to get safe, satisfying results. When it comes to body contouring, the Milwaukee, WI, practice offers several options so the treatment can best match the person and their aesthetic needs.

Sculpting with Cold

CoolSculpting® reduces the temperature of unwanted fat cells to destroy them, prompting a natural process that flushes them from the body permanently.

Sculpting with Heat

ThermiSMOOTH® delivers radiofrequency energy into tissues where it is absorbed as heat, prompting new collagen production to tighten loose skin.

Sculpting with an Injectable Solution

Kybella® makes use of a dietary acid to disrupt the walls of fat cells, marking them for elimination from the body, permanently. This injectable treatment is approved by the FDA for double chins.