Studies have shown that more and more men in the United States today are seeking out the benefits of aesthetic treatments. Men of all ages are seeing the value of these services to look and feel their best. Whatever area may be your focus, you can choose from a broad menu of aesthetic services at ReFresh Aesthetic Center to enhance or restore your masculine look. Our aesthetic specialists focus on subtle results, where you look like a more refreshed and natural YOU.

Aesthetic Treatments for Men

Men and women tap into many of the same aesthetic services, such as injectables (“BRO-Tox”, Voluma®, Juvederm, Restylane, Sculptra®), lasers and skin care. Whether you want to soften your frown lines or crow’s feet, restore lost volume and support to your face, remove unwanted hair on your body, or improve skin texture, tone, or areas of redness or other discolorations, we will pair a procedure to target these common issues. Other treatments available include the HydraFacial MD® (it’s like a car wash for your face), customized men’s facials and skin peels, SkinPen® II and more. Regardless of the treatment that you choose, our goal at ReFresh is to give you a brighter and more rested appearance. When we look our best, we feel it too. Aesthetic treatments have also shown to kick start our confidence; improving interactions with others, both socially and professionally.

Open the Door to Possibility with Aesthetic Treatments for Men

If you are bothered by changes you are seeing as you age, or simply want to be proactive about protecting your face and skin, treatments available at ReFresh Aesthetic Center may be just what you need. You can take your masculine features to the next level with aesthetic treatments for men. Make an appointment at our Center in Whitefish Bay to discuss your needs and goals with our team of licensed and experienced professionals, and we will map an action plan right for you.

Your face is your calling card, and it’s what you wear every day! Why not protect your investment?

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